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A 43-year-old man of 596 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme is currently nursing gunshot wounds at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after three men allegedly called in as reinforcement opened fire on him following a row with another resident of his neighbourhood.A relative of Eustace Thomas said that she was inside her house when the incident happened. She said that gunshots were heard and she was told that her relative was shot twice; once in the leg and another in the shoulder. She said she is personally unaware as to the reason the man was shot. But according to persons,[url=http://www.wholesalenmd.com/]Adidas NMD Clearance[/url], Thomas was shot by three young men who exited a car,[url=http://www.discountnikeshoes.us.com/]Nike Shoes Discount Sale[/url], she said.  The newspaper was told that Thomas had an argument with another person and that person reportedly called in other persons who shot the man when they arrived on the scene.Kaieteur News was told further that the man was admitted to the hospital and was supposed to undergo surgery to remove the bullets.

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